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Smartex Enable ®


The definitive Search-Enabled Video Platform for Enterprise Communication and Knowledge Share. We have solved all the pieces of the video search puzzle from create to access and beyond...


According to IDC research, knowledge workers spend 15-30% in fruitless searches
resulting in $60-$85 billion in direct costs.

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What is Smartex Enable?


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Why do I need Enable?


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How does it Enable?



We believe that apps and websites should not only be eye catching, but actually capture business context and provide a great user experience that users will come back to...

Sales Enablement

Bring sales enablement content, corporate knowledge and sales relevant conversations directly to your sales teams on-demand...

Partner Enablement

In the enterprise, strategic partnerships can be a critical part of your sales and marketing process...


Learners are turning and becoming Subject Matter Experts in record time never seen in the past...

Corporate Marketing

We understand new age marketing programs must address a wide array of business goals. Our Insight solution flexibly weaves...

Speaker Portal

Your goal of establishing an ongoing and powerful connection between Brand Managers and KOL speakers...

Clinical trial collaboration

Collaboration and Training are important aspects of managing clinical trials. In today's complex and highly scrutinized...

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Something tells us you are keen on learning how it all works! Create engaging content in 3 easy steps...


Once video is ready, add transcripts and captions to make it easy to follow

And, yes we can help you translate transcripts and captions for global audience

Best part, we can make your video searchable to the spoken word in any language

It’s one of those yahoo moments you have been waiting for years!

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  • Flexibility and Accessibility at it's Best
    Now you can decide whether an individual content be access controlled or available to the world at large from the same enterprise content portal
  • Branding and Single Sign On
    Take content engagement to newer heights on the very same enterprise defined user access and brand experience foundation
  • Smartex Cloud
    Say "Good Bye" to Video hosting complexity and "Welcome" to the high value content engagement
  • Behind Firewall or Private Cloud
    Enterprises with tighter control requirements or LMS can host our SCORM compliant content and API enabled Portal inside firewall or in private cloud


Well, in case you missed it, we track beyond number of downloads and provide actionable insights to drive meaningful business decisions

We are a for-profit business with a mission to propel human progress and social purpose by enabling people to acquire knowledge, communicate socially and collaborate meaningfully across the globe.


We believe a for-profit business is the most predictable means of sustainable philanthropy.

- Abhijit Basu, CEO


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