Beyond Limitations of Instructor Led & 'e'.   Come Join 'S'

Learners are turning and becoming Subject Matter Experts in record time never seen in the past...


Limitations of Instructor Led Training

  • Too costly to develop, deliver and attend
  • Content is not reusable
  • Students forget what they've learned
  • Knowledge is shared on class schedule
  • Content is slow to be refreshed
  • Inefficient use of SME's Time


  • In-depth training, without Disrupting Business Continuity
  • On-Demand Access to Meet Individual Schedules
  • Capture and Deliver Subject Matter Expertise Content
  • Finds Exactly What Learner Needs
  • Reuse and Track Learning Consistently
  • Social Interactive Environment for Live Engagement
  • Increased lifespan of Existing Content and Training
  • Built on Scalable and Extensible Unified Communication Platform
  • Support for Mobile Devices for Easy Access
  • Localization to support Learners in other Countries/Languages