Balance Control & Security with Flexibility Speaker's Desire

Your goal of establishing an ongoing and powerful connection between Brand Managers and KOL speakers depends...


Is Your Speaker Portal Aging?

  • Obsolete Foundation Technology
  • Home Grown and Doesn't Scale Well
  • Doesn't Play Well with Rich and New Media
  • Lacks Definitive Compliance Measures
  • Content Administration & Distribution Pains
  • Inefficient use of KOL's Time


  • Secure, Feature Rich, Social and Highly Engaging Platform
  • On-Demand Access to Meet Individual Schedules
  • Tailor Content and Messages by Brand.
  • Powerful Connection Between Brand Managers and Speakers
  • KOLs Finds Exactly What they Need Efficiently
  • Increased Compliance of your Speaker Program
  • Social Interactive Environment for Live Engagement
  • Distribute Clinical Updates Quickly
  • Built on Scalable and Extensible Unified Communication Platform
  • Support for Mobile Devices for Easy Access
  • Localization to support Learners in other Countries/Languages