Read on... you may be in for a surprise! Smartex Enable has all the features that you have been missing or expecting to see in other incomplete solutions.

Synchronize Slides, Video & Persona

Well, we all use slides and videos. Imagine, how effective will it be if you could synchronize and superimpose your persona!


We are not talking about simple search here. You can search within the video to the spoken word. Really!

Social & Collaboration Framework

Most content solutions have no real-time feedback loop.   With Enable® users can Like, Share, Comment and Live Chat.


"Create Once and Consume Globally". You can transcribe and add captions in multiple languages to reach global audience.

Flexible Hosting and Easy Accessibility

Host the content on your cloud or ours and access from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Real-Time Analytics (Beyond # of Hits)

You can know who viewed and what sections of the video they viewed, along with many other actionable insights.


The Challenge

Design a video creation experience that is simple, elegant and lends itself to higher content creator productivity. And, the presentation so created delivers your message with global reach & local richness.

The Solution

We created a duo that not only humbles the challenge, but turbo charges your message delivery with multi-sensory appeal and engages your global audience online as never experienced before.

The Final Product

Now you can emote and visibly share your passion online as you would in-person with your persona, all while keeping your audience focused on your message with synchronized slides.


What makes your presentation unique is you, let your remote audience experience "YOU".
Present in person over video or any web conferencing solution of your choice. Need more reason...

Personify your presentation today Find More


  • Content Agnostic
    Video is a piece of content period. Like any other...
  • Access Agnostic
    Don't settle for anything less than accessing exact point of interest
  • Global Reach and Local Richness
    Create message for global consumption with local delivery precision
  • Content Aggregation
    One place to aggregate all your content minus the painful content migration
  • Cloud, Mobile & Social Ready
    A complete communication & collaboration solution to enable your enterprise
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  • Content Level Access
    Define content level access rule to provide public or private access
  • Branding and Single Sign On
    Keep consistent enterprise defined user access and brand experience
  • Hosting Flexibility
    Use our cloud or enterprise infrastructure to host in house or in the cloud
  • Social and Local Ready
    Portals & features are localization ready with extensive social capabilities
  • Collaboration and Analytics
    Live collaboration, gamification and granular data capture in one solution


  • Device Independence
    HTML5 video with default fall back to support old browsers and devices alike
  • SCORM Compliance
    SCORM compliant video content ready to be deployed on LMS of your choice
  • Synchronize Video, Slide and Web
    You have it all, and the ability to tweak them to support presentation objective
  • Ease of Use & Syndication
    Intuitive design to find and share what is relevant and embed easily
  • Multi-Language Transcript, Caption & SEO
    Boost message absorption & SE optimization with transcription & caption