Balance Efficient Collaboration & Compliance Effectiveness

Collaboration and Training are important aspects of managing clinical trials ...


Speed Time to Market

  • Online On-time Interactive Engagement
  • Video based Consistent Communication
  • Search for Intelligence to Avoid the Clutter
  • Definitive Compliance Measures
  • Administer, Engage, Involve & Collaborate
  • Efficient Knowledge Share & Issue Resolution


  • Security, Control, Compliance and Collaboration
  • On-Demand Access to Meet Individual Schedules
  • Drug Specific Forums of Sponsor, CROs, Sites and Vendors.
  • Closed Loop Collaboration and Flexible Exchange
  • Increased Compliance and Expeditious Clinical Trial
  • Finds Exactly What Partners Need
  • Social Interactive Environment for Live Engagement
  • Distribute Clinical Updates Quickly
  • Built on Scalable and Extensible Unified Communication Platform
  • Support for Mobile Devices for Easy Access
  • Localization to support Learners in other Countries/Languages