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Oakland, Calif. – December 14, 2014 –, a leading provider of searchable enterprise video knowledge share and learning, today announced that it has been selected as the winner for Best Knowledge Management solution at the 2014 UP-START Cloud Award. Smartex was recognized for their communication and knowledge sharing platform that enriches video engagement and enables in-video search to engage global audience of employees, partners & customers with local language rich experience driven by deep analytics.

The UP-START Award winners are disruptive and next-generation cloud computing companies, who are defining new cloud technology. Winners in various categories were selected by cloud industry experts during a public open vote and presented their solutions to attendees of the UP Cloud Computing Conference in San Francisco on December 11, 2014, where the final round of voting took place.

“We are delighted to have been selected as the best Knowledge Management upstart company in the 2014 UP-START Cloud awards”. “Video based knowledge is spreading exponentially along with the number of video platforms to choose from. With it comes issues with accessing the precise information and engaging the right people for maximized learning and knowledge share. We have solved that problem.” said Abhijit Basu, CEO at Smartex. “We’re thrilled that, like the many businesses that have adopted our solution, the UP Cloud community recognizes the value of our unique approach.”

About the UP-START Cloud Awards

The UP-Start 2014 cloud awards - part of the UP 2014 cloud computing conference on December 11th 2014 in San Francisco. Full details on the event and the awards can be found at www.up-con.com. The UP-START Cloud Awards are established in the cloud community as the de-facto recognition platform to cultivate the understanding, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of cloud computing to the business and technology community. The UP-START Cloud Awards were founded in 2010 by Cloudcor, Inc.®, to recognize extraordinary achievements in the cloud industry. These prestigious awards are defined as a result of voting by people at the heart of the cloud community, including Cloudcor’s significant LinkedIn cloud user group, comprising 300,000+ cloud professionals. Click here to join our community. For more information about the UP-START Cloud Awards, visit http://up-con.com/awards.html#tab-2014-first

About Smartex

Smartex is a leading searchable enterprise video knowledge share platform for video discovery, analytics and engagement. Smartex platform enriches video knowledge and enables in-video search to engage global audience of employees, partners & customers with local language rich experience. We have solved all the hurdles that make video a challenge to work with, namely – ease of creation, presentation, aggregation, distribution, localization and tracking. Visit us at http://www.smartex.me

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