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Compassionate capitalism... - it is an axiom Smartex strives to create and live. It is about delivering healthcare and education globally; it is about improving and unifying societies with efficiency not probable by means of government stimuli. Two stories come to mind illustrating why Smartex is on a journey that matters; to those within and abroad.

First Story

A small girl of 10 feels the weight of the world. Her scholarship and continued path of education is dependent on the results of her upcoming finals. Nervous but optimistic on the night before her math final, she studies hard in preparation for her favorite subject…but with a knock on the door, her focus is destroyed. Appearing the next morning, for her final testing, with the reality of her father’s death too raw to comprehend, she carries on for her family’s honor and what she is told is her future. Emotionally torn she revises her paper before submission altering what would have otherwise been success. This young girl of 10 misses the mark, loses the scholarship, and what she believes may be her education privilege forever. The family now burdened with new responsibilities and grief, losses sight of the child’s progression and long term future.

Second Story

Parents naturally yearn for their children to have what they did not. A laborer wanting the best for his daughter has dreams of her attending an English medium school. The devoted husband is found comforting his crying wife when news arrives of his daughter’s rejection to the coveted school based on little else then his social status and inability to speak English. When a compassionate youth learns of the family’s troubles, he accompanies them to the school on the following day. In talking with the principle, the lad uses his father’s position in society to confirm admission for the daughter. The girl gains the chance to study in the desired school and does exceptionally well. She graduates and prepares for a career in civil services.

In Summary

Smartex strives because of realities such as these. Until education and healthcare are delivered consistently to all, irrespective of social circumstances, we are far from being civilized much less advance society.

In this series of blog posts, we will share excerpts from our conversation with Abhjit Basu, CEO of Smartex talking about Smartex, searchable enterprise video and Smartex's broader social and philanthropic goals as he envisions to better education and healthcare, especially, at the bottom of the pyramid.

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