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7 hours of enterprise productivity per knowledge worker per week is lost in search for information needed to close deals, answer queries and do just quinessential everyday job.

Now enters video. Video based knowledge is spreading exponentially along with the number of video platforms to choose from. With it comes issues with accessing the precise information and engaging the right people for maximum communication and learning. Enterprise video content for most part is not searchable and the sheer rapid increase in volume of video content is overwhelming leave alone addressing questions like What role search and analytics can play to drive efficiencies? Is driving business impact based on usage insight relevant? How to maximize global reach with local richness?

Video Wave

Video hosting websites such as YouTube and Vimeo has set the pace for rapid adoption of video in the consumer space. Enterprises are not untouched by this phenomenon and like other contemporary technologies from social to apps, video is being adopted in a big way by enterprises large and small. What lends well to the video difference is the ability to communicate consistently with a personal touch that we are so used to in an in-person conversation.

Today you can find video learning websites offering any content on many subjects one can possibly imagine. However, these popular video hosting websites do not let you search or capture enough deep data analytics to help promote or diagnose video content find, quality and adoption challenges?

In the enterprise the exact same challenges are plaguing video content adoption and creation strategies, only bigger in impact given longer format and enterprise productivity gains to be had.

That’s where Smartex comes in...

In this series of blog posts, we will share excerpts from our conversation with Abhjit Basu, CEO of Smartex talking about Smartex, video in the enterprise and Smartex's broader social and philanthropic goals as he envisions to better education and healthcare especially, at the bottom of the pyramid.

Stay tuned...

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